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Vision, Mission & Goals


To lead in supporting optimal health outcomes and positive experiences of care for all ESRD patients in this region.


To promote safe, equitable, and effective health care and to engage patients and their families as full and active members of the ESRD health care team.


Network 8 promotes positive change for kidney patients through activities supporting these CMS priorities:

  • Better Care for the Individual through Beneficiary and Family Centered Care
  • Better Health for the ESRD Population
  • Reduce Costs of ESRD Care by Improving Care. 

Goals Supporting CMS Priorities

CMS requires facilities to cooperate with Network goals and activities as outlined in the Conditions for Coverage.  As minimum performance standards, dialysis facilities should comply with the following goals:

  • Clarify to patients their responsibilities, demonstrate respect for the rights of patient and family members, and promote patient and family-centered care and engagement.
  • Assess the appropriateness of patients for transplantation, home-based therapies, and in-center care, and make timely referrals of suitable candidates to modalities that increase opportunities for rehabilitation. As appropriate, support patient participation in vocational rehabilitation programs.
  • Establish and maintain a quality assessment and performance improvement program that evaluates the care provided and prioritizes opportunities to improve patient care.
  • Utilize the ESRD Quality Incentive Program for clinical and consumer experience of care guidance. In 2016, the Network 8 Board of Directors and Medical Review Board approved the adoption of the annual ESRD Quality Incentive Program goals for all Network 8 facilities in lieu of creating additional clinical goals. Please click here to view the current QIP Achievement Thresholds, Benchmarks, and Performance Standards.
  • Submit data and information timely and accurately in EQRS per CMS requirements and submit accurate and timely data to the Network as specified by assigned projects.  Register in NHSN, enroll in the Network 8 group, and submit dialysis event data and information timely and accurately per CMS guidelines.

  • Provide requested information promptly in the course of emergency response events.